You do it in the slicers gcode. There you also put your homing/preheating part so you can put your purge after that like it is done with original prusa printer profiles. Or you just add a skirt that has a minimum length, that is the slicer solution to add it directly. it uses a purge bucket vs a purge block to save waste. I need to write a M211 Gcode macro and figure out where in the printer.cfg file the "EXTRUDER START" and "END" codes and I need ideas. printer.cfg.txt klippy.log. I requires an "extruder change" gcode to move the nozzle over the bucket and purges some filament before resuming the print. A quick but very useful tip, start gcode. I tried using endstop_pin: probe:z_virtual_endstop, but this does not work. The probe is triggering but the printer is not seeing the 'endstop' as activated. If i test and run a query_probe, i can see the probe signal is open/triggered so it is functioning and klipper is seeing the probe. Config below.

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